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Takis Plays with Magnets

Takis is a kinetic artist living and working in Greece. His work focuses on electromagnetism, a force he describes as a fourth dimension that “binds together in space, objects, metals, roaming particles of the cosmos.”

Magnets play a vital role in the function of his sculptures. Magnetic Painting No. 7 (1962) uses strong magnets behind a solid yellow canvas to make metal objects float in front of the painting’s surface. In another one of Takis’s works, Ballet Magnetique I (1961) he makes a metal sphere hover and orbit above the surface of the sculpture with the use of an electromagnet.

The concept of magnets and suspension has inspired us to think differently about the design of our upcoming spring collection. Everything from the materials to the closures will be an integral part in the design of jewellery.

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Moms Love META

Get your mom something unexpected for Mother's Day this year: A GIFT!
That's right, we know you thought that simply calling her was enough last year.
Well, it wasn't and this year she wants jewelry! We know this because we polled both of our own mothers and the necklaces shown above are their top picks. Victoria's mom would like the Neutron Necklace with black and white stone [left] and Astrid's mom would like the Interlock Necklace [right]. What would your mom want?

Metalepsis Projects is offering 25% OFF ALL JEWELRY through Mother's Day with the code 'METAMOM' to help you give your mother [or aunt/wife/SELF] something thoughtful and timeless.
Shop the collection here.

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aka Le Corbusier

Recently I saw a play called "Une nuit Radieuse" (a radiant night) which basically spins off the famous Urban design concept "Ville Radieuse" (radiant city) by which Le Corbusier was quite famous for (besides his furniture you've seen at DWR or MoMA)

The play uncovers a small fraction of his persona, as a human, as man, as a husband, who enjoys the routine of swimming every morning in the French Riviera and painting in his one-bedroom cabin Le Cabanon.

Had I not seen, studied, and fantasized enough of his architecture marvels. This is a little exploration of his paintings, engravings and drawings that he started before and after he realized he was to become the Modernist architect, par excellence.


(top right) Geometric motifs 1912 |   (bottom left) Three bottles 1926



(L) engraving- The Modulor (1956)  |  (R) Icône 3, 1956


Drawing for many tapestry designs for Chandigarh


You may also find more info and works by Le Corbusier here.



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Metalepsis for Chromat 3D Printed Jewelry Collab

Fashion week is over and we've finally had a chance to sort through all our photos of the Metalepsis for Chromat collaboration. We designed 3D printed chokers, rings, wrist cuffs, and architectural encasement pieces to hold lasers for the Chromat Mindfiles collection, which showed as a part of Made Fashion week. And we were in good company. Chromat also collaborated with Shoplifter [who frequently works with Bjork on costumes and imagery], Kerin Rose Gold of  A Morir eyewear, and latex designers Tableaux Vivants. The collection was inspired by Martine Rothblatt and her concept of 'digital immortality.'This spring the Metalepsis for Chromat pieces will be available in 3D printed nylon on the webshop. Below are some of our favorite photos of the runway show and behind the scenes.

Images by Shoko Takayasu for Vogue Italia.

Photos by Getty Images.

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