Metalepsis is a Los Angeles-based design studio by former architect Victoria Cho, who re-imagines the influences of art, architecture, and science into exploratory conceptual jewelry and objects. A high-tech, low-maintenance approach imbues clean-lined pieces with rational elegance, elemental boldness, and refined confidence.

Born in Korea and raised in Buenos Aires, Victoria’s culturally diverse upbringing created a desire to shape and translate what she saw and experienced into a visual and spatial design language.

Having graduated with a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Washington and a M.Arch. from UC Berkeley, Victoria’s studies fermented her broad passion for rigorous design processes, whether that entailed a large building or a small piece of jewelry. After years of practicing architecture in Seattle, Paris and New York, Victoria now enjoys putting her experience to use by exploring the design possibilities of jewelry, clothing, ceramics, and interiors.

When she’s not sketching new designs for Metalepsis, she loves leaving the city with her rescue terrier Bobby to go hiking and camping in the vast natural landscape of California and beyond.