In Spanish Tablas mean boards. 
This series explores the use of 'boards' in the domestic realm of our kitchen and bathroom. 
Traditionally these boards have been rectangular in shape, with straight edges to serve the purpose of its functionality.
We aimed at re-imagining these objects so they could elevate the daily routine of using these domestic elements and their intentions, while keeping its practicality.   
We can only hope these Tablas will bring some joy and pleasure to your every day life.



Hand wash ONLY. It's best to wash them with water and mild soap. Dry them right away. Avoid soaking or submerging them in water. Not safe for dishwasher, microwave, and oven. Avoid any high heat. If you decide to use these as cutting boards, we recommend that you use one side for cutting and the other side for serving. You can easily distinguish one side from the other by locating where the etched M logo is. Minor surface marks from cutting food is normal. To maximize the durability and beauty of these boards, evenly apply a coat of butcher block oil or any food-grade mineral oil with a cloth. Consistent care of the boards will maximize their durability and the good looks!