Orbital Edition

     The Orbital Edition is inspired by molecular compositions and the physics of sound (such as the frequencies, wavelengths) and visual detailing cues are gleaned from studying string instruments. This collection is punctuated by new material developments using engineered stone (natural stone powderized and reconstituted to make a stronger, more flexible aggregate) and DLC finishing (a durable carbon-finish often used on tools and equipment to increase durability). Prototypes for the edition have been made using 3D modeling and printing, and stone shapes are laser-cut to fit perfectly into metal enclosures. We balance the use of technology with a natural sensibility by allowing many materials to remain raw and unfinished. Bronze pieces keep the original patinas with which they emerge from the casting mold, and rather than high-polishing our stones we sand them and give them a light coating of monoi oil for sheen and protection. The Orbital Edition seeks to visually express the underlying levels of molecular structure and energy that connect us all.