Kinetic Edition


Seeking to create an edition of moveable parts, we turned to the master of Kinetic Art and Abstraction for guidance.

We were fascinated by Alexander Calder's sculptural stabiles (such as Laocoön and Little Parasite c.1947) that thread through themselves in a dynamic combination of strength and balance. We were also moved by the subtle kineticism of his mobiles while watching them move in the smallest air currents of the LACMA galleries. The Kinetic Edition re-works some of Calder's design principles into our own concepts of interlocking, moveable and uncommon forms.

Pieces in the KINETIC EDITION push the boundaries of 3D modeling and production by utilizing 'interlocking parts printing' where multiple parts that link or interlock can be printed or cast at the same time. The parts are connected by a small sprue (piece of cast or printed metal) which is then removed to allow the parts free movement. We also continue to explore unusual materials by offering some pieces made of stainless steel infused with bronze alongside our characteristic unfinished bronze and brass designs.