Named after the Japanese architect Toyo Ito, this series is inspired by the power and simplicity of arched geometry that he uses in his buildings, specifically in the Tama Art University Library. Marble, stone and wood sculptures of the influential artist Isamu Noguchi have also been a great source of inspiration to understand scale, materials and relationship to space. The fluid lines and shapes are punctuated by the gravity of a solid spheres, the freshwater pearls.
This group of miniature architectural expressions are materialized into porcelain objects and jewelry with the use of 3D-printing technology. Similar to how our jewelry is made, these vases & objects are built from a 3D-printed wax negative.
These sculptural objects are our mini-buildings through a whole new medium.
Ito porcelain/Metaobjects is a limited-edition available only through our webshop and at Poketo ROW.