Iris van Herpen

by Astrid Chastka | September 04, 2015

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen is known for her innovative approach to fashion and use of technology. For every collection Iris van Herpen designs, science plays an important role is her design process. Magnetic fields, 3D printing, and water are some of the materials she uses. She explores movement in relation the human body, having her garments change shape both while being worn and at rest. For her 3D printed transparent spike dress, she collaborated with architect Niccolo Casas, where there objective was to make a dress that embodied complexity and movement, and reacted to the body’s movement.

For her Spring/Summer 2015 collection she was inspired by magnetic fields. To make a her accessories she manipulated metal infused materials with magnets, making each piece appear slightly different.

The Crystallization dress was a collaboration between film director, Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness during a live broadcast. Daphne Guinness was captured being splashed with black and clear water using high speed cameras. Iris then used this footage to create the water dress.


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