Element Edition

The Element Edition is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian sensibilities in combining linear and curved geometries,
and by the art and methodology of Sol Lewitt.
Often Lewitt’s works [such as DRAWING SERIES I, II, III, IIII (1969-1970; pen and ink), ARCS FROM CORNERS AND SIDES (1972; pen and ink) and STRAIGHT AND NOT STRAIGHT LINES (1972; pen and ink)] visually explore all methods of combining groups of modular geometries. Similarly, our collection is a series of cast bronze modular geometries that can be paired in an array of ways.
Each Metalepsis cast is un-finished, meaning that it retains the patina with which it emerges from the mold.
This patina is wholly unique; even two castings of the same piece will have differing patinas. The patina will continue to develop slowly over time as the necklace encounters salt, oxygen, oil, etc.